Saffron Gelato

Saffron Gelato Topped with Pistachios and Caramel Sauce


Crema Catalana

Creamy Vanilla and Cinnamon Custard


Pastel De Chocolate

Rich Warm Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Bean Gelato and Chocolate Ganache


Rosquillas y Chocolate

Cinnamon and Sugar Doughnuts Served With a Warm Chocolate Ganache


Specialty Drinks


(Traditional, Raspberry, or Pomegranate)
Bacardi Superior Rum, Fresh Limes and
Mint Leaves Muddled Together with a Splash of Soda.



Brazilian Cocktail Made with Leblon Cachaca,
Similar to a Mojito but Uniquely Different.


The Martini

(Traditional, Raspberry, Pear)
Made With Absolut Vodka. Bartender’s Signature Drink!



Margarita Made In Traditional, Chocolate, Or Peach Flavors.
Sauza Hornitos Brings This Cocktail To Life. A Must Try!



Torres Brandy 10 Year, Torres Orange Liqueur
And Sweet & Sour Sipped From A Sugar Rim. Delicious!


Barcelona Breeze

Malibu Rum & Cranberry With A Splash Of Grapefruit Juice. Very Refreshing!


Logan Berry

Absolut Citron, Chambord And Lemonade. A Special Drink For A Special Neighborhood.


Fashion on the Square

Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Orange Slices, Maraschino Cherries
And Bitters Muddled Together With A Splash Of Soda. Doesn’t Get Any Better!